On Saturday November 18 from 9 a.m. till 12 p.m. at St Emydius Church

On Monday November 20 from 9:30 a.m. till 12:30 p.m. at San Francisco Zoo 

On Saturday December 16 from 9 a.m. till 12 p.m. at St Emydius Church


A Holiday Neighborhood Initiative in collaboration with St. Emydius Church in the Ingleside District, and San Francisco Zoo

100% of Your Donations are going directly to the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank

Dear friends, neighbors, donors, parishioners, Zoo Members and sponsors: 

My name is Pierre Smit and I started the SF
 Turkey Drive from my home on Merced Heights in San Francisco in 2012. Every year, for Thanksgiving and for Christmas, and in collaboration with St. Emydius Church, we have collected turkeys (actual or virtual) that we have brought to the St. Anthony's Dining Room in the Tenderloin. Starting in 2023, the SF Turkey Drive beneficiary is the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank and 100% of every donation will be delivered to the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank whose mission is to end hunger in our own community. This year also, in addition to our 11-year collaboration with St. Emydius Church, we are welcoming our new collaboration with the San Francisco Zoo.

Click HERE for a KPIX CBS News Report (Nov 2022).

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At the beginning of 2023, I accepted an Executive Director position at an organization that welcomes homeless and low-income seniors in the Tenderloin. There, I am seeing first-hand the necessity of a meal for those who have so little to live with, and to live for. With what I witness at my work each day, I came up with this year's SF Turkey Drive message: A Gift of Food is a Gift of Life.

With food prices increasing rapidly, the lower earners are really hurting. But everyone needs to eat. And with a meal, everyone finds hope for a better tomorrow. Our example of giving provides families in need the food and the hope...a true gift of life.

The SF Turkey Drive happens in November and in December to help our beneficiary organization feed those in need during the Holidays and throughout the year. A gift of food is a gift of life, and so I invite you to join again, or for the first time, this campaign. Think of our impact...in the past 3 years, all donations to the SF Turkey Drive helped prepare over 150,000 meals. Your gift of food is such a precious gift of life. 

The SF Turkey Drive is looking forward to welcoming you at one of our drop-off sites on Nov 18, Nov 20 and Dec 16.  By-Mail or Online Giving can be made any time in November and December. Thanks for your continued support. Your gift of food is truly a gift of life.

For the SF Turkey Drive at St. Emydius Church, click HERE for more details.

For the SF Turkey Drive at the San Francisco Zoo, click HERE for more details.

To volunteer with the SF Turkey Drive, please click HERE.

Patrick, Volunteer since 2013 (taped in 2020)

"I Like To Teach" by the McDonald family recorded in 2020 for the Thanksgiving Drive

Art, Donor since 2013 (recorded in 2020)

  The collaboration between   St. Anthony's and SF Turkey Drive at St. Emydius plays a very large role in our ability to meet the demand by donating more than 500 Turkeys and other much needed food each year.

Barry J Stenger, St Anthony's 2018 Exec. Director

 As a member of this neighborhood, I support and have assisted the SF Turkey Drive in its efforts to feed those in need.
Hunger is a real issue in our city and our neighborhood. I hope everyone can assist Mr. Smit to reach those in need.

Melissa Y.

      The SFTurkey Drive at  St. Emydius Church has been conducted under the leadership of Mr. Pierre Smit, for several years. This has and will be our way of helping to feed those less fortunate. I personally have been a supporter of St. Anthony's for several years as this organization has helped so many individuals and families.

Arthur M.

Picture: Faces at St. Anthony

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