A Gift of Food Is A Gift of Live

Organizer: Pierre Smit 

SF Turkey Drive 

c/o St. Emydius Church

286 Ashton Avenue

San Francisco, CA 94112


Phone: 415-939-2410 (text is preferred)

Father Bill - retd: St. Emydius Church joined Pierre for the SF Turkey Drive starting in 2013 - part 1 (recorded in 2020)

SF Turkey Drive is accepting donations of 

Turkeys (preferably frozen),

Hams (on Dec 18) and

Boxes of Fresh Vegetables

This is a Neighborhood Fundraising Effort
because A Gift of Food Is A Gift of Live.

Benefiting the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank starting in 2023

Father Bill - retd: some history of St Anthony Foundation* helping feed the poor - part 2 (recorded in 2020). 

Father Dave - (decd): the dedication of the staff at St Anthony Foundation* (recorded in 2020).

* St Anthony Foundation was the beneficiary of the SF Turkey Drive from 2012 till 2022.