2022 Edition: 

1/ Bring frozen TURKEYS on Saturdays November 19 and December 17

2/ Contribute Virtual Turkeys in November & December

100% of Your Donations are going directly to St Anthony

In collaboration with St. Emydius Church, Ingleside District, San Francisco

Our Goal: To Provide Meals With A Smile

Dear friends, neighbors, donors, parishioners, sponsors: 

As you have experienced yourself in the past few months, the inflation has been hitting everyone very hard. 
Lines at food banks are not getting shorter since the beginning of the pandemic. The current pressure comes from inflation at a 40-year high with 8.5%, and the food supply chain being squeezed with spiking gas & transportation costs.

The ones who live check by check are feeling it the most. Those who already were short of money are needing even more assistance. When little or no money is left, their best choice for a healthy mean is going to St. Anthony's Dining Room.  

The yearly SF Turkey Drive happens at Thanksgiving and Christmas to help St. Anthony feed everyone who comes in so that no one gets turned down during the Holidays and throughout the year. This organization will provide meals with a smile, giving reassurance that someone is there for them, a reassurance so needed today.
A meal for the hungry is a must, and so we invite you to join us in the effort that the SF Turkey Drive started in 2012. Last year alone, all donations helped prepare over 60,000 meals at the St Anthony's Dining Room thanks to the generosity of so many in our neighborhoods and beyond. The gift of food is such a precious commodity. As always, the SF Turkey Drive will be accepting donations of Turkeys, Hams (at Christmas) or Boxes of Vegetables at our drop-off site, as well as online and by-mail giving. 

Your generosity has been beyond contagious. Last year, the results showed a 25% increase over the previous year (1,392 turkeys in 2021 vs 1,109 in 2020). Thank you for your continued support. 

Your donations can be made the following ways:

 At the drop off site: 350 De Montfort Ave, San Francisco on November 19 and December 17 

❏ Mail-in: send donations by check (made payable to St Anthony) to:

         SF Turkey Drive 
         c/o St Emydius Church
         286 Ashton Avenue 
         San Francisco, CA 94112 

❏ On-Line:  click here for details.

Patrick, Volunteer since 2013 (taped in 2020)

"I Like To Teach" by the McDonald family recorded in 2020 for the Thanksgiving Drive

Art, Donor since 2013 (recorded in 2020)

Thanksgiving Turkey Drive: Saturday November 19

Christmas Turkey Drive:  Saturday December 17

  The collaboration between   St. Anthony's and SF Turkey Drive at St. Emydius plays a very large role in our ability to meet the demand by donating more than 500 Turkeys and other much needed food each year.

Barry J Stenger, St Anthony's 2018 Exec. Director

 As a member of this neighborhood, I support and have assisted the SF Turkey Drive in its efforts to feed those in need.
Hunger is a real issue in our city and our neighborhood. I hope everyone can assist Mr. Smit to reach those in need.

Melissa Y.

      The SFTurkey Drive at  St. Emydius Church has been conducted under the leadership of Mr. Pierre Smit, for several years. This has and will be our way of helping to feed those less fortunate. I personally have been a supporter of St. Anthony's for several years as this organization has helped so many individuals and families.

Arthur M.

Picture: Faces at St. Anthony

Mailing Address                                      Contact: Pierre Smit

SF Turkey Drive                                       Email: SFPierre@aol.com

c/o St. Emydius Church                           Phone: 415-939-2410
286 Ashton Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94112