VOLUNTEER Opportunities 2020

Virtual Drive Artists

On November 21 and December 19, at the Virtual Turkey Drive celebration, we will welcome artists of all types to perform for donors and visitors.  Whomever volunteers and we hope it will include musicians, and other artists, etc.  Interested in participating to entertain for about 10 minutes?  Register early to get a spot.

Contact Pierre: sfpierre@aol.com  or                  Call 415-939-2410

Social Media

Your knowledge of social media can help this effort grow organically. Use your online tools, invite family members, friends, colleagues and neighbors.  Give to others the opportunity to participate.

Other Needs

We welcome graphic designer, marketers, etc.  We need your talents to make our effort an even better one.

Contact Pierre at sfpierre@aol.com and let's see how your talent can help this project.