First 8 Years of the SF Turkey Drive
Simply To Feed People In Need 


In 2012, the SF Turkey Drive started out of Pierre's home on Merced Height.  

In 2013, St. Emydius Church joined his project to make the neighborhoods in the Southern part of San Francisco a strong player in fighting hunger among homeless and poor in our city.  

Every year since, we have been collecting turkeys on the Saturdays before Thanksgiving and before Christmas.  It's been a true blessing to give our time and efforts for a great cause to help feed not only homeless, but even some of our most challenged neighbors.  Since 2012, the SF Turkey Drive has collected close to 3,4`00 turkeys for St. Anthony, helping this soup kitchen preparing over 120,000 meals.

The SF Turkey Drive is simply offering an opportunity to our neighborhood to contribute basic food to a trusted organization so they can serve healthy meals to those who can't effort, or are unable to feeding themselves.  Folks who go to St. Anthony's Dining Room are not only going to eat a good meal, but also to meet others in the same situation as they are.  Altogether, it makes their body more robust, and their mind stronger, giving them a better chance of surviving the tough world they are facing and even finding ways to independence.

Our beautiful San Francisco is existing thanks to its beautiful people...and that includes all of us working together and making a difference for the people who needs it the most.  This is the city of San Francisco...named after the Francis that was resolved in his heart never to refuse any requests from anyone, if at all possible.  The Franciscan Brothers of St. Anthony Foundation are following this goal every day.

Whatever the weather, the rain, the cold or the smoke, Pierre and a team of Volunteers have been there to welcome you and accept donations of turkeys, hams, boxes of vegetables, or checks. If donors can't stop by our drop off site for whatever reason, they have contributed any time with a Virtual Turkey.  Donors are always welcome to cheer the team of volunteers or just drop a note or email - see contact page.  

However, the pandemic of 2020 will not allow us to accept any food.  Only checks and virtual turkeys will be accepted...sadly!


See below for testimonies, pictures at the drop off site and an article published in Catholic San Francisco newspaper (year 2016 & 2018).   Don't miss the short interviews of Pierre on the landing page of this website. 

In the News...

The SF Turkey Drive  project has become a growing and reliable outreach of the Ingleside neighborhood year after year to support the thousands of meals prepared for the poor of our city at the St. Anthony's Dining Room.  Please, support this project.

Nerissa H.

I first learned about the SF Turkey Drive in November 2013. Since then, I look forward to the annual food drives held in November and December. Personally, I find the SF Turkey Drive enriching because it allows me to actively participate with my community as a volunteer; to meet and interact with my neighbors who are donating to the drives; and to help my fellow San Franciscans that are hungry. It's a win-win program for all.  It is truly a privilege to be involved.

Patrick W.