To Have Food For All at the Table

In November, when you make an online donation to the SF Turkey Drive, it will directly go to good use for Thanksgiving and for every day.  Click on the picture below.

Online Donation go a long way.  When a Turkey feeds about 45 hungry folks, one single meal for about 2,500 people required approximately 55 turkeys.  With all the side dishes, a simple meal involves many cooks, lots of energy for cooking, plus serving & cleaning workers. 

For Thanksgiving, we welcome your generous online gift of Virtual Turkeys. Simply click HERE to make your Online Donation

In December, your online gift will help provide food for all at the table during the next year. You can help now in feeding those who have so little to live for. Click on the picture below to make a gift.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, so many basic needs had to be added. For example, volunteers have been replaced mostly by paid employees.  And paid employees are harder to find resulting in wages and benefits increases.

Donation made online go to fund the basic need to run an efficient kitchen.  For Christmas, you can donate to purchase plenty of Turkeys, Hams  and Boxes of Vegetables.  Simply click HERE to make your Online Donation.